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Convertonet is the exclusive online marketing agency for the Mansion Group.




Convertonet offers its employees the chance to work in online marketing - one of the hottest arenas in the career world today - in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

We know that a company is all about its people and we take pride in how we synthesize a targeted, performance-oriented, customer-first approach with warmth and teamwork, mutual assistance and respect.



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Convertonet provides its employees with opportunities for self-development by learning from the best experts in each field, whether it is on-the-job training from managers and colleagues, or attending state of the art industry training or seminars. As a dynamic, fast-developing company, we frequently offer excellent employees the chance to progress beyond their position when the opportunity arrives.


We strive for very high standards in our management, compensation and development programs, to ensure that in this competitive arena we recruit and employ the best people in every field.



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Convertonet offers all forms of internet marketing services and is the exclusive marketing agency for the Mansion Group, located in Gibraltar.


Check out our various services:


Affiliates is Convertonet’s largest team, and is still growing! The Affiliate team is divided into two divisions: Business and Support. Our Affiliate managers maintain existing accounts and recruit advertisers and publishers via various marketing methods. We recruit sites through keyword research online, affiliate conferences, word of mouth and potential leads who register online through our affiliate program.


Our affiliates are advertising partners who refer leads to us and share the profit. They are assigned to a dedicated affiliate manager who helps them maximize their marketing potential. We tailor all the images, assets and bonuses offered to players according to specific needs to maximize conversion.


Our affiliate program generates some of the highest conversion rates in the industry, which, coupled with excellent retention, results in an impressive number of loyal customers. Our team of multi-lingual professionals works hard to provide our affiliates with everything they need to maximize their earnings from their casino traffic.




The primary goal of our SEO department is to rank well in search engines and improve the user experience and value of our sites for customers finding us via search engines. We use state of the art white hat SEO techniques for a long lasting effect on our organic traffic. We specialize in localized, user-centric methods which provide us with steady and stable growth in all the brands we promote:


The SEO department focuses on the following:


Content - The content team is in charge of creating and updating content across all sites and optimizing user experience as well as internal marketing. We specialize in optimizing for long tail searches by using high quality, optimized content with high user value.


Optimization -The optimization team is made up of top SEO professionals who have experience in the international market in highly competitive niches. We specialize in keyword research, on site optimization and utilizing high end, white hat marketing strategies that have a long lasting impact.


Social - The social team is in charge of maintaining a high level of communication with our customers via social platforms. We believe that a strong relationship with our customers through healthy and open communication is the surest path to a long lasting and successful business relationship.




The main focus of the Media department is to purchase advertising space from international websites and networks, in order to promote Convertonet’s top clients.

Our team researches each site and, based on the specs, traffic, and several other factors, determines whether to purchase space on the website.


Our driving goal is simple: bring high targeted, quality traffic to our sites. The marketing material is normally displayed as banner or pop-under ads which are advertised on numerous and various websites from around the globe, attracting users and introducing them to our clients’ websites.


In addition to purchasing and placing the advertisements, the Media department is also responsible for creating the display ads and optimizing and processing new and existing campaigns.




Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing their visibility and exposure in search engine result pages (SERPs – like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.


There are 4 core responsibilities of each SEM team member: Research, Creation & Management, Optimization and development.

SEM utilizes various means of “marketing” a person’s website to upgrade its relevance for search engine searches and their rankings.

In the early days of search engines the first available ad space went to the highest bidder; today it’s a combination of relevancy and bidding.


SEM is not about selling a product by any means necessary! The objective of SEM is effective and relevant targeted marketing of the product that will show the specific searcher exactly what he or she is looking for.

HR & Operations


Convertonet’s Human Resources and Operations Department is in charge of supporting the operation of the company by providing full Finance, Human Resources, and Administrative services to the company as a whole.


At Convertonet we believe that our people are our most important asset and give us the greatest competitive advantage.

For that reason we invest a lot to ensure our people continue to develop and grow in our company.


While every company departments strive to provide clients with the best possible service and value, in the HR and Operations department our objective is to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills, experience and the most efficient processes and procedures to help the business grow in the most effective way, and to provide employees and managers with the best service.


We maintain clear, simple, and important work processes such as bi-annual employee evaluation processes, give clear objectives, and set new employee training schedules to ensure that each individual in the company is clear about how he or she can contribute, grow and influence his or her professional development and ultimately influence the success of the company. We are also proud of our community relations initiatives that allow us to contribute to the society in which we live.


Working in Convertonet is more than just 'work' – we are proud of our welfare activities and the friendly and dynamic environment we keep within the office.




The main goals of the Analytics team are to meet and expand company objectives through the provision of analytical services and solutions.

The Analytics team is involved in business decisions and processes, based on co-operation with the operational teams.

These goals are met using DWH and SQL code writing, along with additional analytical tools such as Google Analytics, SiSense, Gaming Platform back offices and more.


The day-to-day routine includes regular report analysis and the provision of relevant business insights, along with identifying key areas of strength and weakness in operational teams, analyzing trends, tracking the effects of changes implemented, pushing the business forward through relevant data analysis, and other analytical procedures.


The team is involved in business decisions such as: deliberation over new business partners; decisions regarding deal changes with existing business partners; moving forward or rolling back technical and marketing changes made on websites and products; and all other business decisions.



Web Optimization is a process for improving our understanding of the behavior which leads visitors to our sites.

It focuses on analyzing and optimizing marketing efforts, with the intention of turning new visitors into customers, and returning customers into loyal customers.

Our process consists of a broad set of tools, methods, processes and strategies that aim to improve the website and funnel conversion rates.

At Convertonet we are building the culture of optimization for all the company's departments; Affiliates, SEO, SEM, Media, Retention and Marketing Operations.


We are the funnel expert for all customer-facing activities across the company with the aim of maximizing user experience and, ultimately, profitability. As part of the funnel optimization we perform tests to increase the conversion of each step in the funnel, with a focus on segmentation and localization.


Some of the different tools and methods that we use to increase our conversion rate are: Google Analytics, an In-house database system, AB testing , multivariate test by Visual Website Optimizer and Google Website Optimizer.

We also use other optimization tools and services such as ClickTale, SiteTuners and KissMetrics.




The BI team is responsible for transforming data into information.

The team provides Convertonet with a complete picture of all the business activity and enables the management teams to proactively respond to changes in the business.


We accomplish this by using a variety of technologies and DB’s (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgresSql, Informatica and more) in order to provide the necessary services and solutions to our business.


The systems created by our team need to provide accurate data quickly, as the data presented has a direct effect on the company's performance.





The web development team provides Convertonet with the framework and technical tools to grow and lead the online marketing business.


The team designs and develops in-house marketing applications and systems based on a wide variety of technologies like PHP, HTML5, AJAX, Javascript, .NET, Perl and more.

Our development team puts an emphasis on web standards, high performance, high quality usability and innovative solutions.


The team also implements third-party products and applications that require a high level of system integration and API implementations.

 The critical success factor for our team is to maintain a group of very talented and skilled developers who contribute innovative solutions, both individually and as a cooperative unit.




In Convertonet our primary aim in the recruitment process is to ensure that the candidate receives a positive and professional experience and that the most talented and committed people join our team.

We are always interested in meeting people with a passion for Online Marketing and Development and who have a strong teamwork approach.

The structure of Convertonet’s recruitment process provides us with the most accurate data possible in order to make a recruitment decision, while keeping the process both effective and friendly for the candidate. It is important for us that you, the candidate, have a clear understanding of the recruitment process.



























1. A telephone interview verifying personal details and alignment of the candidate’s experience with the job description.


2. First face to face meeting – The candidate meets with the direct manager of the open position and HR Manager.

We check the candidate's professional and personal suitability for the position.


3. Professional assessment – Done either in the office or at home, this gives the candidate the opportunity to experience an on-the-job task and us, an objective assessment of the candidate’s abilities.


4. Second face to face interview – Conducted for some positions by a Senior Manager or another key stakeholder in the business.


5. References checks.


6. Job offer.




Maskit 2, Building D, 5th Floor

Herzliya, Israel


Phone: + 972 73 716 4444



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